Brian Wagner

New Hampshire

My parents encouraged my art, supplying me with crayons, paper, pens, and markers. I would sit at the kitchen table for hours deep into a project, pencil in hand. In college I gained access to a darkroom, it was magical. The smell of the chemicals were intoxicating and there was nothing more satisfying that turning undeveloped film into prints. I was hooked.

Over time these things became less important. I got married, found a “real” job, bought a house and had some kids. All of these things take a lot of time and become a priority. While these incredible life events happening around me I didn’t even realize that I was doing less and less with art. I didn’t see it coming nor did I realize until one day an itch hit me.

The urge for creativity surged back to the surface and I started tinkering with my camera, a Canon Rebel XTi at the time. I started playing with the lights in the house, messing with homemade accessories and trying to push the camera to do things I didn’t think it could do. This led me down the long path of buying and selling camera gear to fit whatever it was I wanted to learn next.

Personaly I prefer shooting film, it’s just so damn beautiful. I enjoy the process from takng the shot, to developing the film (yes, I’ll develop a roll of black and white in my bathroom) to scanning and presenting an image. What I wouldn’t do for access to a darkroom. I don’t shy away from digital however, it’s just so damn convienient and the instant satisfaction is beyond what we ever thought possible twenty years ago.

The visual arts are my jam! I like to analyze how something was lit or how the color was graded. Photography, video, or even in a painting, how was the paint used to simulate light?