About Us

Untrained and unpretentious, but neither uncommitted nor unprofessional.

Within a Click started as an idea by photographers. We wanted a place to share more than just an image and a comment.  This journey is just beginning and still in it’s infancy but we welcome you with open arms. We aren’t professional photographers. We all have jobs outside of photography, but because it is such a powerful medium we’ve come together to create this to share our experiences.

A photo is a way to hope, to communicate, to reflect.  The practice can be one of documentation, interpretation, experimentation, preservation, and observation.  Quite simply, being a photographer is a way of existing in the world.

We are Photographers

We each have a story and a perspective of our own. Essentially, each of us have experienced a defining episode of connection with a camera. Since that bond was formed we started living for the good light, the inimitable expression, the perfect scene.

We Exist Inside of Moments

But some of the time we’re not that graceful. We have infuriating days when we can’t shoot straight, week upon week when our inspiration wanes, even times when we wonder if we are any good at all.

We Miss Amazing Shots

Still something keeps us searching, keeps us coming back to the camera. And so we strive to improve. We scour the internet for information on more effective technique. We compare notes with other dedicated hobbyists because we crave community.

We Look for Ways to Grow

And develop, we do. We thought it would be a nice diversion, a hobby if you will. Once we figured out the basics, we found out how gratifying it could be. We discovered that the camera was more than just a box. So we kept shooting, we keep shooting.

Our Team

Nicole Civita

Once upon a time, I was a writer.  In college, I pounded coffee and keyboards.  Before that, way back in those naturally dramatic high school years, I fancied myself a star of the stage: actress, singer, and dancer-under-duress

Doug Hallam

While I thoroughly enjoy images with as much selective color and bokeh and kittens in them as possible, I am a minimalist at heart. Sushi is my favorite food. Fish and rice really couldn’t get more minimal than that.

Brad Martin

I’ve always been interested in the visual world of photography, but in 2007 that interest began to grow from a hobby to something more. I was in Boca Raton, Florida visiting with family while on vacation.

Brian Wagner

Somewhere along the way I was drawn off course and ended up working in the computer industry. Now, I spend my days pounding away on a keyboard, working technical problems, and keeping the industrial machine in motion.