And... we're back!

It's been far too long my friends.

Hello Again

It’s been far too long since we’ve had any updates, far too long. I can’t say why we abandoned you but let’s say that life happened. My comrades and I burned out on photography while we all went through some major changes. I can’t get into their lives but can share a bit of my own story.
I was getting tired. If you look back at the last few post we made we were all struggling to find some inspiration. Struggling to find a reason to pick up the camera and find something worthy to take a picture of. They say that the best camera is the one you have with you. That camera more often than not ends up being a cell phone. While convenient the feeling to go out of our way to take pictures doesn’t feel the same. At least that’s how I felt, it was somehow less photography and more like taking snap shots.
A few things that contributed to the downfall of my photography…

The Move

After three years in Texas my family packed up shop and moved back to New Hampshire. It was a long move during the dead of winter. During the transition I tried to get out and take pictures, there was a lot of snow and it was miserable. During that period spring rolled around and it was the last time I went out with the intent of taking pictures.
After we settled in there were things that needed attention. I had a house to settle into, a new job and it was the first time my family was together in months. It was great having everyone back together but that next great photo wasn’t important.

My Circle Shrunk

For some of us photography and Flickr was a as much a social experience as it was about the photography. Many of the people on my friends list started dropping off the map. I won’t even begin to analyze why people dropped off the map but my guess is many of the same reason I had.
The photography community in Houston was incredible. The fourth largest city in the county felt like a small town. I knew photographers there, we spent time together. It was a great community and I miss it. So in a short time I lost both my online and real life connections.

What’s Next?

Trying to figure out what comes next is a tough question to answer so let’s start with what’s new. If you’ve been here before you’ll see that we’ve remodeled. I spent time rebuilding the site to have a better flow while making it easier to navigate. In short, I hope it looks more 2017.
What comes next a still an unknown. I can’t say any of us will be posting articles on a regular basis. Actually, I can almost guarantee that there are NOT articles on a regular basis. For my part, I’ll use it to share some everyday things, normal life. If I want to start taking pictures again I have to start somewhere. This may be the kick start I need.
The picture about is my father’s camera, he picked this up while doing his duty in the US Army. He gave me this camera a while ago and I’ve used it a few times. A lot of our childhood snapshots were captured with this camera. My father passed away in November of last year. Needless to say, this camera is very special to me. I spent some time a couple weeks ago cleaning it up, stuck a fresh battery in it and loaded up a roll of film. I’ve yet to take a picture with it but I will soon.
I have plenty more to say but I’ll stop here and save the rest for later. We’ll talk soon!