“Wasting time is not a waste.”

Seth Godin wrote the above on his blog last week. He went on to say, “Wasting time poorly is a sin, because not only are you forgoing the productivity, generosity and art that comes from work, but you’re also giving up the downtime, experimentation and joy that comes from wasting time.” I’ve been wasting a lot of time, been wasting time for more than a year in fact. The worst part of it all, I’ve been wasting it poorly not doing anything to further my photography.

How do you waste time, is it an effective waste of time, or are you wasting time poorly?

While thinking about experimenting think about the process of wasting that time effectively. Today, Sam Spurlin posted an article on his blog about The Art of Deliberate Practice. If you go read his post you’ll see a list of some things that may help you waste tie without wasting time:

  1. Slow Down
  2. Focus
  3. Make Mistakes
  4. Break it Down

It all makes sense. Waste as much time as you want, just get your ass off the couch and do something.

What process do you use when you’re wasting time, when you’re experimenting? Do you just go all kamikaze, or do you slow down and think about what it is you are doing and how make it better?

“If you’re going to waste time (and I hope you will) the least you can do is do it well.” ~Seth Godin