It’s been a year since any of us have posted.  A year in which we have all taken less photos, posted even fewer, and have questioned what the camera means to us.

There seems to be a natural progression, a step by step process, that many photographers take.  The awe one has when first taking up photography, the gathering of information to learn about specific things, the interacting with others on sites such as Flickr.  You find a niche, you develop it, you begin to get more particular, you acquire more gear, and you wake one one day realizing you’re overwhelmed with crap and you’re spinning your wheels.

Sure, you can pull off a kick ass shot of some hot model on a white seamless background.  But the photo means nothing to you.  There’s no meaning to it.  You can take your 275th self-portrait and it’s lacking in emotion.

Ever wonder why so many good, even great, photographers disappear off Flickr and other sites?   They get bored.  It doesn’t mean anything anymore.  Even the stuff they see from their contacts all begins to look the same.  And all that fucking gear has become cumbersome.

Are you feeling that way?

Think back when you first picked up that camera.  Did every shot have to be great?  Did you have 25lb lightstands to hold your VW bug sized softbox?

Probably not.

You were having fun.  Now you’re stuck in your car waiting for an endless train to pass.

If you’re bored put the camera down.  Go outside, look around.  Envision what would make a decent shot.  Do that a bit and you’ll start missing your camera.

Tired of seeing the same crap from your Flickr contacts?  Delete them.  Find new ones.

Sell the gear that holds you back and that you’ve grown to hate.

If you’re meant to be a photographer that camera will call you back eventually.  You’ll find a way to pick it up again and enjoy it.  Don’t ever get so burdened that it becomes something you hate.