In the first part of this series I wrote about having fun, and that if you are not having fun what’s the point of even picking up that camera that’s there beside you.

Today, boredom rears it’s ugly head.

Lately I’m going through the motions.  I’ll pick up the camera, go stand in front of a wall, and bang out a photo.  It’s too hot here in Mississippi to go outside, so I’m confined to this small space trying to eke out another turd to upload to Flickr.

And let me interject, if you’re wanting to read a happy article that’s going to make you feel the creative juices this ain’t it.  This is the mopey, end of the road shit here.

I’m bored.  Really fucking bored.  I log in to Flickr and I see people posting less, commenting less.  The stuff that does get posted?  I’ve seen most of it before.  I fave less stuff.  It’s not just me.  It’s others feeling that way.  The scene is dead.  Take this blog even.  It’s been neglected these past few months.  None of us really care to write anything lately. Maybe we’re all sitting around waiting for something to happen.  Some great motivation to land at our feet.

And it’s not happening.

So what do you do at this point?  Say fuck it and walk away in frustration?  I’ve seen a lot of people do that.  Not just crappy photographers, but great ones.  They reach a point where it all becomes too much.  Too much fluff.  Too much crap floating on the surface.

But before I break out the “End of the World is Near” sign and start marching around in a white robe, I know that all creative people reach a point like this.  A doldrum.

You either break out of it or you throw the cards on the table and get up and walk away.

And we all know if we wait long enough, that inspiration, that kick ass feeling of taking photos.  It comes back.

All I know is it’s time that feeling  to be resurrected.