At some point this stopped being fun. Not just this blog, but the entire photographic process.

Before I go any further, think about that first sentence for a minute. A hobby that became turned into passion isn’t fun anymore. It had gotten tedious and trying. Like any relationship that grows stagnant, it was time to let it go. I abandoned my 365 for the tenth time, I stopped posting at the blog, and I stopped leaving comments for my contacts at Flickr.  Every article I read about photography was about being creative and being inspired and all that crap.  The same tired arguments day after day after day.

I think we all inspire to take the best photos that we can.  We read up on techniques.  We buy better gear.  And, hopefully, we become better photographers.

But if you’re not having fun, what’s the fucking point?

My fellow bloggers and I are a critical bunch.  Hell, two of us are attorneys if that helps explain things.  We frequently email each other stuff we see good or bad, and lambast stuff we dislike.  For example, some of us hate the photos on Flickr of people with face paint.  At times I find it boring, ego driven, and cliche.

But you know what?  That person slapping that crap on their face is having fun.  They’re having fun taking the time to paint their face, and having fun taking the photo. They’re not all hung up on whether the photo has any creative merit or a if it makes a statement in the world.  It’s fun to them.

My point is being creative, learning new skills, taking time to compose, etc. is fine.  Do that.  It makes the difference between a hobbyist and someone whose whole heart is in it.

But if you’re not having fun then shake it up.  Stop reading duChemin, Arias, Hobby and all others who espouse articles on a daily basis about the Muses of Creativity.  Stop worrying whether your strobe is properly set up.  Stop worrying whether hacks on Flickr will comment on your photos.  And stop worrying whether what you post is your best stuff.

Think back of when you first picked up that camera.  Go look at those photos.  I bet they suck monkey balls. But I guarantee you had a blast taking them.  Remember that feeling? That feeling before all the technical know-how and the Gear Acquisition Syndrome took precedence over having fun.

Let all the extraneous bullshit go. And for once, have fun again.