I actually have no idea why I decided to use that as a title.  But regardless, I bet it caught your eye.  Right?  Hmmm?

Anyway, if you read Monday’s blog entry you’ve seen that us “Clickers” (we must come up with a better collective name than that) are out burying bodies, dusting the pollen off our lenses, frequenting strip clubs, and attempting to relive our 20s.

But in all seriousness, I think quite a few of us out there are standing at the precipice.  What do I mean by that?

I’m going to assume that the majority of you reading this are amateur photographers.  We look at the Google Analytics, so we know that a majority of the readers come from Flickr and it’s a safe assumption that the great number of those are our contacts.

Most of us have already been taking photos for a few years, perhaps even completed a 365 or two.  And out of those that the previous sentence describes,  I’ve been seeing an ever increasing pattern as of late.   People are posting to Flickr less, they’re creating fan pages for their work on Facebook, even creating web sites and getting gigs such as portrait work and weddings.

So that precipice I mention is that next giant leap.  That yearning to do something more than just Flickr, that need to display our art according to our own suitability, and for some of us to even pursue this as a side job or perhaps even more.

With me so far?  Because right now I’m cranking up the eighteen-wheeler as I see you riding your little red tricycle down the sidewalk.  Envision me and my truck as the coming future bearing down upon poor little unsuspecting you with one question:  “What makes you think you can stand out amongst all the other thousands of photographers out there?”

With the advent of the DSLR, photographers can be found everywhere (good ones and not-so good ones).  So what makes you so damn special that people will come to you?  Hmmm?  If you think about it, it’s a perfectly fine question, and one you’d better be asking yourself.  Because those people you call your potential clients, they certainly will be asking it when they compare you to others.

See that comment box immediately underneath this?   Fill it out.  Let us know what it is that makes you stand out.  Brag a little.  We’re all ears.