Often I sit in front of my computer late at night hoping this might be the night inspiration hits me and I turn out a masterpiece of an image. Sometimes I work and work and work an image, trying to force something to come out.  Yet, other times, I have no desire to even open up Light Room or PS or GIMP. Where does inspiration come from or better yet where do those WOW images come from? What is it about an image that makes you flabbergasted when you look at it, wondering how on earth it was captured? What makes an image move you?

The Runner
This cinematic masterpiece, by Jamie Fernandez, instills a sense of awe for me. It’s grandiose landscape, wonderfully muted color scheme,and the perfect light  shining down in front of the small person almost illuminating the end of their long journey. Wonderful piece of photography.

The answer to those questions on the surface probably seem like they will differ from person to person. I would have a hard time arguing with that, but I do think that there is some underlying sense of a truly remarkable image that strikes a chord in a large percentage of people. That sense of awe might differ in intensity, but you can’t deny it’s existence. Those few images I have created (or have allowed me to create them) — those images that leave me in awe, those are what I strive for. I don’t always get to that point. More often than not I don’t but that underlying current to try is always there. That creative spark in me that needs to be manifested in visual imagery seems to be always lit within. What I’ve come to learn the last couple years is how to allow it to come out, how to let it come out, and how to accept it. Like many of my close peers, I am my harshest critic. The hundreds of images just laying dormant on my hard drive that will most likely never see the light of day can attest to that. Very often I am content with most of the images I create but when does just mere contentment cease to be enough? I tire of being just content but I often lack either the technical photography skills or the software processing skills to advance beyond the box I am in.

There come moments in life where you need to reach beyond your comfort zone and grasp for more. I don’t want to be in the same place I am today, technically, in 3 years, or 5 years or 10 years. I want to have an idea in my head and be able to create that perfectly in an image. Be it SOOC or heavily processed. There are literally hundreds of books, websites, and even other people that you can tap to reach beyond the confines of your comforting box. The vast amount of information available to us in this day and age is almost endless. Use it, learn, expand and break out of your comforting limits. Allow your creative impulses to be fulfilled. Don’t stifle them due to not knowing how. You never know when something you create could change another person’s life forever. Your next creation could just change the world. Sound unrealistic? Maybe, but you will never know if you don’t try. I won’t be the same photographer ,from a technical standpoint , in 3 years that I am today. I challenge you to not be either. Pick up a book, peruse websites, talk to a fellow photog. Strive to create those awe inspiring images. They are inside of you, they are inside all of us. Let them come out and share them with the world. Just make the first step, just start to create, inspire, and grow…………

Here’s a small sample of websites that might help you to strive for more:

* The Runner,  used with full permission from original creator, Jaime Fernandez.